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      WDQT10-18 automatic baking-free brick making machine production line

      WDQT10-18 automatic baking-free brick making machine production line

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      Product Details
      • Size:  105
      • Place of Origin:  Shandong, China
      • Brand Name:  Wanda
      • Model Number:  WDQT10-18
      • Weight: 13000.000 kg

      QT10-18 automatic brick/block making machine production line



      1. Our company as a professional manufacturer of the brick machine and AAC block machine for 16 years.
      2. We use the best raw material such as steel, you can find that the weight is much heavier than others. It will ensure prolong the normal operation cycle? under the mechanical vibration.
      3. Regarding the mold, its our own R & D and production , through multi-channel production processes, with standard manufacture, and with high lifetime up to 200,000 times, 2-3 times higher than the national standard .?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4. QT10-15 adopt the percusstion type vibration system, this vibration system was developed by our own R&D teams.? Vibration table is placed on the optimization distribution of rubber spring. The vibration force concentrated under the mold,reducing the vibration the power to the machine frame, minimizing the damage to the equipment.? And this kind of the vibration with suoer balance, can guarantee to make products a high degree of consistency, and the same density between the upper and lower density consistent to brick.?
      5.Distribution system: using an arm swing type distribution machine, this machine is equipped with five rows of stirring shaft and the stirring tooth spiral distribution, It has a double speed design, the first two rows of the shaft speed is higher than the last three rows of shaft, which make products dense and homogeneous, realised the well- distributed effect.
      6.This is a double stack machine,can be folded double plate, total plate number 10 board(standard bricks),reducing the times of forklifts,increase the benefit.
      7.Automatic board, Wanda company designed automatic on board system, can realize the fault alarm,automatic stop plate. Can be set up plate number(1-20block),an upper plate up to 20 blocks.

      Company information

      ?Shandong Wanda Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd (formerly Wanda Gaotang Hydraulic machinery Co., Ltd), founded in 19 99, located in Gaotang county. After years of development, now under Wanda Group, there are five wholly- owned subsidiaries. We have about 5 00 employees in our company, also have our own R&D team, for some equipment, we got many patents. We are a professional manufacturer of automatic brick making machines, brick making production line, aerated concrete production line (AAC block making machinery plant), large building templates, scaffolding equipment. Recent years we expand our business to stereo garage under a branch company. For just 16 years, we become leader of baking -free brick molding equipment industry in China.

      • Size:  105
      • Place of Origin:  Shandong, China
      • Brand Name:  Wanda
      • Model Number:  WDQT10-18
      • Weight: 13000.000 kg
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